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    • 2020-11-20The problem of grafting eyelashes

      False eyelash manufacturers to give you a brief introduction to the problem of grafting eyelashes: Before grafting eyelashes, the staff will carefully clean each eyelash, and then cut it with adhesive tape according to the arc of the eye an...

    • 2020-11-10How to draw false eyelash lines

      How to draw false eyelash lines and get rid of the difference between the left and right Eyeliner? The manufacturer of false eyelashes will give you a brief introduction: 1. choose the best eyelash line. When you try to use your hands, choo...

    • 2020-11-04False eyelash makeup

      Some people may think that the eyelash make-up and beautifying of the Japanese department are indeed pure. Its makeup is very pure. The key to winning is the concealer and the improvement of color. Here are two steps to make up false eyelas...

    • 2020-11-02The way to use mascara is

      The way to use mascara is: 1. first, apply the makeup water with the cotton stick to wipe the eyelash gently, and then apply the powder slightly. 2. then clamp the root of the eyelash with eyelash, stay for a few seconds, then move to the t...

    • 2020-10-28The knowledge and techniques that professional meiliasis practitioners

      The knowledge and techniques that professional meiliasis practitioners should master 1. Observe the shape of customers eyes, and judge the shape and length of eyelashes suitable for customers; 2. Analyze the customers eyelash structure and...

    • 2020-08-17Should false eyelashes be placed above or below the real eyelashes?

      It has always been put on the top of the real eyelash, then filled the eyeliner with eyeliner in the place where the genuine and false eyelashes are left. Until later, some of the beautiful women put the false eyelashes under the real eyela...

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